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Tungsten steel grinding head

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Handle the Φ 3 carbide rotary file (CXM03)

Handle the Φ 3 carbide rotary file (CXM03)

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● clean flash, burr and weld of castings, forgings and welds.

● finishing all kinds of metal grinding tools.

● impeller runner light processing.

● various mechanical parts chamfer, chamfer and groove processing.

● finishing machine parts inner hole surface.

● all kinds of metal and non-metal carving process.


Carbide rotary file, also known as carbide high speed milling cutter, carbide die milling cutter.In foreign countries with more developed industries, it has been widely used as an important means to improve production efficiency and realize the mechanization of fitters.In recent years, this kind of cutting tool is gradually popularized and applied in our country, and the users are increasing day by day.


The main features of rotary cemented carbide file are:

● can process a variety of metals (including a variety of hardened steel) and non-metallic (such as marble, jade, bone), processed workpiece hardness up to <HRC70;

● it can replace small grinding wheel with handle in most jobs, and no dust pollution;

● good processing quality, high finish, can process a variety of high precision mold cavity shape;

● long service life, more durable than high-speed steel tools and small grinding wheel;

● easy to grasp, simple to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment;

● high economic benefits, comprehensive processing cost reduction.

Cemented carbide rotary file is generally driven by hand-held electric or pneumatic tools (it can also be used in machine tools).

Electric or pneumatic tools generally rotate at 6000-50000 RPM.

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